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View From The Outside - You beat Man U

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So you just had the biggest win in your club's history, well to date, in the EPL, and you just made a mess of the top of the league. That should make you all happy. It should also make the rest of the league very happy. But is this the turning point in the race to stay up? After the jump I'll discuss more.

So you guys also beat Arsenal, and as a fan of a top club, I love it when the so called small clubs win. Too bad my club can't seem to beat the small clubs, or any club. Not that where Liverpool is, is that bad, but well, this is the Wigan blog, and I can vent my Liverpool feelings on my own blog.

So Jordi and that Chelsea cast off Franco Di Santo put the game away early for Wigan. Thinking this is a good thing for Wigan. Put the game away by half, and then make the other team play catch up. Of course that team two years ago was called "The Barca of the EPL" and now they just have some old French dude who won't spend any money.

Then again, Wigan is showing that you can spend little, and stay in the EPL. Pretty much the same formula that Bolton has had for years, and various other teams show. Maybe all that money isn't worth it? Yeah, I'm sure you Wigan fans would take the Manchester City money in a heart beat.

Well, so would a lot of teams.

2-1, against the Arse, and a win over Manchester United, what a good 10 days. Plus with the run in being pretty easy, could you guys get up to 12? Probably, but I wouldn't put it past another team to mess up that.