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Outsiders View - Wigan Loves American's Edition

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So after the last two weeks, you'd think that, ah Fulham an easy win. But football isn't a thinking mans game, or there's some players (ok a lot) who would be out of the sport. But losing 2-1 to Fulham? I mean come on man, how could you lose to a team that you should get at least a point out of? Sounding like Liverpool here.

But you guys aren't the same team. Think about it, you scrap, beat the teams you can, and pull off a famous win here and there. Liverpool doesn't. Form the outside, Wigan is probably the type of team most normal American soccer fans should like. They try hard, have a manager who isn't a complete dolt, or bitter (yeah that's a shot a Fergie), and have some flashy players. Emerson Boyce (well not amazingly flashy, but worthy of the thought), Frank Di Santo, and various other scorers. To think that you guys have enough scorers (balanced) is the envy of Wolves, Bolton, and Blackburn. I'm not sitting here and saying that you are Spurs, or Manchester City but to have thirteen players on the score sheet for the year is great. (Just wish my team would do that).

So you lost to Fulham, and helped drive the transfer price up of Clint Dempsey, my fellow American (and American National Team Member). Yeah I'm not a soccer player, but he's a fellow American, and I love it when they all do well. Well, save for Landon Donovan. And that's a blog for another time. It's clear that Dempsey is getting to be too good for Fulham, and could move up another level. While I'd love to see him at a large club in the UK or Spain, I have a feeling he's heading to Italy. Or maybe PSG will spend stupid money on him. Either way, every time he's out there his stock goes through the roof.

Am I overselling his stock? Yup, but just like any player that Roberto goes after or is asked about on his team, the prices for players can be overblown. That's at least what Footy Manager has taught me. With that being said, back to a game of FM. Talk to you all later.