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A Legend Talks about Wigan, and it's not who you think

If you have been following my writing around the internet and me on twitter @fakestevebrandt. you know that I'm a huge NASL fan. While I'm not old enough (33) to remember the league, I'm busy telling people about who played in the league and why it should be loved. I'm following on twitter a couple of the former clubs, and some of the legends over here. After the jump a tweet peaked my interest.

I was sifting through twitter, and all the random soccer links/updates etc and found QPR Legend Rodney Marsh tweet about Wigan. As you may notice I've included Kick Magazine from when he was playing here in the USA toward the end of his career. Yup that's right he was at the Tampa Bay Rowdies.

odney Marsh

Just to be clear past month have been brilliant & RM deserves all the credit + DW best chairman in football

It's good when the media, and the pundits get their minds off of the top four clubs, and actually give you guys the 20 seconds of time they deem you worthy of. That's sad, but in reality the media has this notion that football supporters don't care about lower table clubs. Then again, they are all probably being smart because the top clubs have more fans, so more viewers, etc... Yeah, not something that I subscribe to, Wigan, and Stoke prove that it's not always a top club that matters.

And then there's Fulham, not a large club, but has been up in the league for a long time, and might be turning into the next Everton, well minus the trophies.

Of course now, he's a commentator for the sport, but how cool is that what he said? A legend in the game, ok American game, but still, he did hit big with QPR, Fulham, and Manchester City.