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View From the Outside - Team has found it's Level

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There's a problem with the EPL. The fans think that if you aren't a top four club, or a historically great club, you belong at the bottom. When you look at it that way, why bother having promotion/relegation? I'm not even getting into that debate about the American game (there's twitter accounts out there solely for the promotion/relegation debate in America and they get harsh if you don't like their views). After the jump the reason why the Newcastle match has helped Wigan in the long run.

I'm not saying that there should be full segments on the lower EPL clubs, or full shows, but the media needs to take it's bias out of the top, and realize that there's some top talent elsewhere. Roberto, and his buys are great for the league. As was said on this site earlier give Aston Villa Roberto, and they have a far different year.

Roberto might be the new David Moyes, well, minus not being Scottish, or a lover of Alex Ferguson. But you know what I mean. It's sad because many top clubs would take him in a heartbeat, and that's probably is what's going to happen with the club being stable.

Think about it this way, the club gets it's level, and starts showing some positive signs, a bigger club in another country poaches the coach. Thank God it's not Inter, since they go through about five coaches a year. (Yeah I know I should call them managers, but I'm an American).

That's probably what's going to happen to Wigan, they now are what Bolton was, an annoyingly good club, that sits between 10-17 every year, and nick's a game or two that they shouldn't. This is a good thing for the league more clubs like Wigan, Stoke, and Bolton. Now we have Norwich up, and coming up so far is Southampton.

That's my view, I hope you like it.