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Is this the Best Wigan Premier League Squad? Well No!

The man that led the Club to the Promised Land.
The man that led the Club to the Promised Land.

I asked you all before the turn of the past two weeks what you felt of our current squad and how it has matched up to the previous ones that have gone before it. Well it stood as no surprise to me that you all went for the team that took our first tentative steps into the Premier League, that's is the 200/06 season. They only just piped a squad which under Steve Bruce looked to be moving forward fast.

Since that exciting day, when 20.000 wigan fans descended on the then JJB Stadium. We were expecting a demolition by Chelsea (when we say we, I mean fans as general, unfortunatly I was on holiday and missed the game!). Instead our eyes were treated to most likely our best ever Premier League display, only losing to the current champions my a late, last grasp goal by Herno Crespo.

it would be the beginning of a marvelous story, one filled with drama and romance, showing just what football is all about. The clubs really claim to fame, after ten years previously, Dave Whelan was laughed at for making one statement.

I will bring Premier League football to Wigan

Who was laughing when we were second only to Chelsea by November. The seson would get even better. After beating Arsenal at home, we woud go on to lose 2-1 at Hibuary to get through to the Carling cup final and a trip to Wembly beckoned.

The clubs greatest achievement, and league position coming in one season. And this team could have gone into Europe, had we accepted the honour.

It truly was a great time and a great squad. So where are those noble players that played for us?

Well in total twenty two players played for the club that season. Now only one player remains at the club, and that man is Mike Pollitt who is currently the clubs longest serving players.

John Filan

Pascal Chimbonda

Stephen McMillan

Matt Jackson

Emerson Thome*

Stéphane Henchoz

Henri Camara

Andreas Johansson

Lee McCulloch

Graham Kavanagh

Mike Pollitt

Gary Walsh*

Alan Mahon

David Wright

Netherlands Arjan De Zeeuw

Damien Francis

Paul Scharner

Ryan Taylor

Gary Teale

Jimmy Bullard

David Connolly

Reto Ziegler

Josip Skoko

Leighton Baines

David Thompson

Jason Roberts

Luke Joyce*

Neil Mellor

Joey Waterhouse*

*Listed in the squad but did not feature

If you look at this squad to the current day. You can see why we are stuggling. The defence and strike power on show in our first season was fantastic. We didn't need to play through the middle, we had a solid back four, with strong and fast strikers who hit quick on the counter attack.

Current day. We have no tough guy centre back (Gary Caldwell comes close). We have no Mr Dynmo striker. And we definatly don't have the same characters like Jimmy Bullard, Lee McCulloch and Gary Teale who loved and cared about the fans and the club.

It showed in the season where they went out in each and every game. Heads held high fighting for everything. Even though people felt we would go down.