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March Player of the Month

Moses has scored two goals in March, plus got the penalty to lead the charge at Annfield.
Moses has scored two goals in March, plus got the penalty to lead the charge at Annfield.

Well what a month hey. It looked like it would be all over for Wigan as we entered the month. Lingering bottom of the table, and then getting beaten by Swansea 2-0 looked like it was about to nail the coffin into, what was looking like a daunting end to the season.

But alas three weeks later we are second bottom but level on point with QPR who sit on 17th, and only one point behind 16th place Bolton. So everything is to play for as we march on (my little joke).

So who made the difference (now if you can't answer this one then I am sorry where have you been). But in the interest of fairness I will still pick five players to choose from.

Shaun Maloney- where has this lad been. Obviously he was gagged and handcuffed by Gomez so that the Scotsman wouldn't slip in to rob the Spaniards place in the first team. Well whoever found out this lad could play. We thank you. His performances have been fantastic moving and a shaking and creating space for everyone round him. While scoring his first goal for the club against Liverpool, will live long in the memory.

Jean Beausejour- yet another strong month for the player. Got another assist under his belt against Stoke City. Although he will feel bad that he didn't score one of the six chances that he had to do so. But he has earned himself a pat on the back for more great performances.

Victor Moses- goals for Victor Moses seem to come in buses. You wait for one to come along then you get two in one month. He played poorly against Swansea and West Brom. But against the rest he was fantastic. Getting in position for the penalty and scoring two. Looking like the player we thought we bought. Much more to come from this lad.

Gary Caldwell- Captain Wiganer has been fantastic yet again. Even against Swansea he looked the best of the rest. Still not as imposing on the player from our team as I would like. But when i comes to bossing opposition strikers he has got it down to a tee. Keeping Luis Suarez and Peter Crouch quite aren't easy tasks but he did both very very well.