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Chelsea 2-1 Wigan Athletic

Roberto Martinez, manager of Wigan Athletic gives instructions during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Wigan Athletic at Stamford Bridge.
Roberto Martinez, manager of Wigan Athletic gives instructions during the Barclays Premier League match between Chelsea and Wigan Athletic at Stamford Bridge.

Oh football. You are a cruel cruel mistress and like so many a time over the past six months. Wigan failed to get anything from a game where for large portions of it we were the better side, and for 45 minutes it looked like Wigan would go and get something defending well, with our keeper on top form.

But like all things, the team that didn't really need the points got them. One for a contraversial offside decision, and then for an unlucky deflection which allowed Juan Mata to tap in from close range to score in the last minute of injury time and win the game for a Chelsea side which is fighting on three front. And you have to ask how are they still doing it.

They were not like Chelsea sides we have faced before and this was probably our best chance to have gotten a result from Stamford Bridge.

It looked to be going so so well. Holding our own in the middle and trying to break on the counter attack against their slower back four. Yet it didn't come off during a first half which was better known for our goalkeeper showing why he was our top summer target.

Both Franco Di Santo and Victor Moses could have broken through at the Chelsea end. While Didder Drogba and Juan Matta where trying to break out goalkeeper. Yet with a mixture of skill and athleticism, Ali Al Habsi kept out a Chelsea side trying to do everything. But doing so so little.

Yet bold Wigan plodded on and it looked like for all the world we might be able to scrounge a something maybe even a win!

With that in mind we started the second half bold and it looked like it could back fire. With Chelsea finding more gaps in our defence. Yet Drogba was next to no help, and it looked like we might get away with it.

But then 62 minutes into the game Ivanovic struck to score, making it 1-0 to Chelsea with the run of play. However the goal shouldn't have stood. Raul Meireles crossing the ball to the offside Ivanovic, who of course was unmarked so had a clear goal to aim for.

Yet we didn't let our heads dropped and looked to get back into the game. But the goal bound effort was cleared off the line by Ivanovic, after Franco Di Santo managed to work some space and find the opening. The signs were looking good.

Then it got a bit scrappy. Chelsea looking to make their advantage count and push another goal. But Drogba was slow and eventually Fernando Torres would replace the Ivorian. Yet Torres was no different and made an even bigger mess of trying to score for Chelsea.

Wigan rebuffed the midfield with Mohamed Diame and Ben Watson coming onto the midfield. And it allowed Wigan to take a bigger foot hold in the game which inevitably got us back into the game. With Diame scoring with a great left footed strike.

The goal came after a great wide run by Victor Moses. However his touch was too heavy and the ball fell kindly for Diame to strike the ball home. Maybe we could get one more?

We felt we could and went looking for it.

Salamon Kalu came close striking the side netting with a few minutes to go. Before Gary Caldwell would miss the best chance for a Wigan winner. Ben Watson's free-kick curled into the box and found the Scots man unmarked at the back post. Had he made contact it would have been 2-1 to Wigan.

Instead Fernando Torres would get the ball from the goal-kick and would race through one on one with Ali Al Habsi. The keeper again would deny the striker. Yet the Omanian couldn't deny the follow up from Juan Mata who's strike killed any hope for Wigan into the third minute of added time.

Should a bold and valiant effort and we deserved more. The better side and yet another goal that shouldn't have stood. This is the kind of season which tells you that you could be on your way down.

But there is hope. If the lads play like they did today for the next six games. Then we have nothing to fear and could pick up the points we need for our eighth Premier League season.

Keep the Faith!