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Roberto Transfers in a New Writer for PEF

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The View from the Outside

We are always looking for something new at Pie Eaters Footie, and I think we may have hit the nail on the head with our new weekly blog. Wigan fans alike please welcome ThatJayHawk to the team, now please be nice, he may not be a Wigan fan (only for a while mind you), but he is here to give us ‘the view from the outside’.

The idea is simple. What do other people see when they look in at Wigan Athletic. Whenever I post something it is always through blue tinted spectacles. Hopefully however this will add a more direct view at just what our club really is like.

So please welcome ThatJayHawk to the Pie Eaters Footie team.

Well, what an intro. Let me add some more fuel to the fire. I'm an American, and in the northern part of the country. So why would an American want to write about Wigan? Easily, SB Nation is one of the most respected blog network sites in the world. And well, I love the sport. Why not write on every team you can get your hands on? Well there's others I can't write on.

So the bit about me not being a Wigan fan? Yeah that's true, but it's not like I'm a Bolton fan. I'm a Liverpool fan. Yeah I know, American, and a big 8 team fan. Not imaginative, right? Well, it gives me a lot to write about. Plus I kind of like history, so it's a good thing. I have over the years developed a random hatred for Bolton, I can't explain it, even though their fans are always good. My writing page is linked on the right to some other things I write. You'll see some North American Soccer League stuff too.

But there's more good about the sport than the glamour teams. Wigan, may not be the flashiest, but they aren't horrible. Plus they can always rely on a legend to the lead them Roberto Martinez, is a very good manager, and you are very lucky to still have him.

While, you will see a lot of from the outside from me, I'll inject a lot of humor into each blog, and an unbiased approach. I can say this, when it comes to Liverpool playing Wigan, I won't hold back. I love King Kenny Dalglish and my Reds, but respect some other teams.

Wigan is one of them!