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Preview: Wigan Athletic vs Manchester United

Together United we Stand!
Together United we Stand!

Well the second game of the three of no points is edging slowly closer. This time however there doesn't really look like any hope of us getting anything from the game. Last time out against Chelsea was our best chance of getting anything, it could have even been three points. But alas another game were the officials cheated us out of it.

Yet we now play the only 'top four' that we have yet to beat in the Premier League. They are the biggest of the big, and have basically ran football in this country since the 90's and there looks like no stopping them, so long as Sir Alex remains at the helm.

So what kind of chance do we have?

If Manchester United were to play like they did again QPR, then there maybe a chance. Only a small glimmer of one I will admit but yet, still a very real chance of at least a point. The Champions have looked below par for the last three games, but as they always do have managed to scrounge out results.

Wigan on the other hand have been playing well for the last two months and have only managed to carve out three wins, yet have had a chance to win every single one of those games. It is our inability to score which has let us down, time and time again this year and we have to stop doing it now.

With six games to go every goal, and every point is a crucial one. The players now must forget about what happened at Chelsea. Its gone you can't change the past. But we can change a future and to do that we must go out and beat United as a team with the fans in full swing behind them. Which I can only imagine we will continue to do so.

Every player has to go out and stand tall. Gary Caldwell has to be the fiery Scottish leader that he can be, lift the players to a charge between now and the end of the season. To use a very common phrase at this time of the year, 'every game is a cup final and every three points is like winning the championship'.

Give faith and believe that the like of Victor Moses and Shaun Maloney can find that creative spark we need to start scoring goals, and that somehow our lanky Argentinian striker (Franco Di Santo) can score the goals that he has come so close to scoring these past few months.

Hold you heads high lads and go out to beat them!