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Preview: Wigan Athletic vs Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wigan Athletic Manager Roberto Martinez salutes the fans at the end of the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and West Ham United at the DW Stadium.
Wigan Athletic Manager Roberto Martinez salutes the fans at the end of the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and West Ham United at the DW Stadium.

Well this is going to be a very very special game. Not only because it will be a big celebration of Wigan Athletic staying up (kind of bad to rub it in the face of Wolves, but oh well.) the celebrations to be promoted with an 8th minute round of applause to celebrate eight seasons in the Premier League. That was club imposed and to be honest, I don't think it was necessary, its going to be a party atmosphere whether they like it or not

Its also a special game though as it will mark the first use of our new home kit. I have to say I rather like the new look, but I have always liked the blue and white stripes. The black collar adds something, and it will be a nice kit. But costing £39.99 that's an awful lot of money, and I don't know how many people will be dashing out to get it on Saturday when it is released. A very clever bit of marketing by the club, especially considering the last shirt was over a month behind schedule.

Yet the game will also mark two other very important events within the club. It will mark our 1,500 league game, and if we were to score in the game it would mark our 2,000 league goal. Considering we have only been in the football league for the past 34 years it is a rather remarkable achievement. When many thought we wouldn't be round for long.

Yet here we are and a game which could have been the decider now comes down to a game of celebration and a few milestones. As the club will look to finish its 79th season on a high, and going into its 8th Premier League season.

Right so now to the football. Does it really matter anymore?

Well I hope for the players that it still does. If nothing else they should be playing for pride and to show the rest of the Premier League what we can do and what they can look forward to next season. Yet as is likely at this time of year, the players can smell the suntan cream and take their foot off the gas.

But I don't think they will be able to as they go out and face a Wolves side who are playing to claw back some dignity after slipping out of the Premier League. They managed a 0-0 draw against an inform Everton last week, and that was no mean feat.

That said they will come into the game without having managed a win since February, and hopefully that will continue against us. I would like to a see a Wigan win after all.

A full strength Wigan side can be expect and all players who get on the pitch I am sure will give their all to say thank you to us the fans. It has been a long hard season for Wigan and we have all stuck by each other. Now its time for the players to get the ball on the deck, pass it about a bit and score some goals.

It is still a toss up between Victor Moses and Franco di Santo as to who will win the golden boot this year. And I am sure that both of them will want to out do the other, a bit of friendly competition is always healthy in these situations. That is how Wolves are playing.

They are trying to better themselves each game, not playing for the win or survival. But to show that they can play football and get results. That is quiet a deadly mix. Two season's ago we faced a Hull City side on the final day. And we very nearly lost 2-1 until a Steve Gohuri over head kick saved the day. Incidentally that game was the first ever time Victor Moses scored for the club, just in case anyone wanted to know.