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View From Outside - Data Plan Required.

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So the season that was is over, and you didn't have to use a data plan to see if you were staying up, or watch Paul Merson lose his mind when his former club pulled off a hell of a final couple of minutes in injury time. But this isn't the Manchester City blog, and thank God, because Wigan has better fans, and a smarter manager.

Wigan is safe, and becoming the next Stoke (not ever going to liken you to that club that is now relegated that you lot hate). That's a good thing, now you can just get yourselves in the League Cup, FA Cup final rounds please? I'm sick of seeing Chelsea or whatever London big time club in it. Of course part of my reasoning is that I want Wigan in, so that Liverpool can play you guys in a cup. I just think it would be awsome.

Where does the club go from here? Well, if you are a smaller club, sorry Wigan, you have to keep your star players. All of those players who the top or Aston Villa are looking at, have to made to stay. With enough momentum and good coaching you can become Chelsea (well with more money) lets, not forget they are a small club, with an owner with too much money.

Yeah this is turning into a hate on Chelsea column, but if you have read my blog, I've done that so many times it's scary.

Oh and you have to keep Roberto away from the vacant job at Aston Villa, or whatever club pops open. He needs to stay and build on the upward momentum that the club has right now. With some more help, and experience, the club can become Aston Villa or Everton of the 80's. And that's really what any club needs.

Ok, so while writing this column, my club fired it's manager, and of course Roberto is linked with the club. I'm sure there's also players that could be taken, but you guys don't have that one striker, and defender that we need. However, Roberto with money behind him? I'd take that, well to a point.

I think Roberto is top class, but I'm afraid of the media and Roberto at LFC. Here's the issue, while he's at Wigan, he's isolated, because lets be far, the Media doesn't care. Wigan doesn't have any connection to the big four clubs, so they can't hate you guys.

I think Roberto is really good in the media, that's why I love him. I think he's much more of an attacking manager than LFc has had in a bit. Ok so Kenny was an attacker, but he was mentally stuck in the 80's. And only VH1 in America needs to be stuck in the 80's. Well, that and college girls.

What I'm afraid of is, that he takes the job, the supporters and the media come down hard on him, and ruin him emotionally and mangerially. Well, I don't think managerially is a word, but you know what I'm saying.The pressure, the supporters, and the hatred of the media, might break his spirit, and then he'd only manage in the US.

I want Roberto to do well, just he's too young for Liverpool.