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Pie Eaters Footie Player of the Season

You voted, but who won?
You voted, but who won?

You voted long and hard last week, and the winner changed more or less everyday. But after seven days, and five posts about players who have all had great seasons. We can now reveal who won our player of the season award. It is of course the most prestigious award for any Latics player to win.

In the end only five votes seperated the top three players, and rightly so. As the top three have been our best by a good yard or two this season. So starting from the bottom up, lets take a look at who you voted your player of the season.

5th Victor Moses

This pretty much sums up Victors season. It has been good and his best since playing in senior football. But it wasn't the greatest in our team, and their is certainly plenty to improve upon. Still a top quality player who dug deep when we needed him and turned out some great performances this year. Hopefully he will be playing for Wigan for a couple more.

4th James McCarthy

It still isn't the James McCarthy we bought. That player is coming back to us very very slowly. And this season was his best in terms of games played and the level of performances. Not scoring is only a secondary thing to James, who has shown that youthfulness coupled with his playing maturity to take him to that next level.

Even when off the pitch personal matters came to a head, this young man was still playing at the peak of his game. A great year James we look forward to seeing you wear the blue and white next season.

3rd Gary Caldwell

Gary was leading the way early on last week. Much like he has the team this season, whoever and wherever Gary has played this year he has been a rock for us. And now in the centeral role in the three man defence he looks stronger than ever has his lack of pace isn't being picked on.

Gary's leadership and willingness to keep on going stood us in good stead this year and he is a worthy captain of the club.

2nd Maynor Figueroa

Last season many felt Figs was on the way down after all the hype that surround his performances for the club. But this season he has got right back on top. And with Gary has been an ever present figure in our defence and kept us from losing some games very heavily.

Now playing along side Gary in the centre, it allows him to use his pace and ability to block tackle more. Than having to be aware when marking and following players. While having the space to use that brilliant left foot to spray the ball has open some teams up towards the end of the season.

1st Ali Al Habsi

Well what can you say about our goalkeeper? Or more to the point what can't you say? He is loveable, passionate and never stops trying for the club and the fans. His performances again this year have defied the odds, and when the club needed him most he kept on playing well.

Our best player from day one right to the end making crucial saves all the way through the season. That got us points and even stopped us leaking goals when we looked like we could have lost by 10 goals. Ali stood like a brick wall dennying anyone to get past him.

A true hero and a worthy winner of Pie Eaters Footie player of the year!