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Kirkland Talks on Leaving

Oh Chris Kirkland. We did and do love you, when we signed you on loan many of us groaned wondering would we ever keep you fit. Then somehow the medical staff at the club did magical, magical thing to you. And for a good two seasons you looked like one of the best keepers in the Premier League and destined for bigger things.

You even made your dad a rich man by playing in a 3-0 win for England against Greece under the 'wally with a brolly' (Steve McClaren).

Then it all started again and you would drop to the deeper parts of the clubs corners. Only to surface for the occasional un-succesful loan spell where you would return from with yet another injury. We know its not your fault, and personally I would love to have seen you carry on your Wigan career. But the time has come.

Chris himself spoke to the Wigan Observer about how he felt about leaving. If you have ever met Chris, apart from having to stair up in disbelief at his height, he is such a nice guy and very approachable. And that shows in how much time he always had for the fans.

Chris said:

"I’m very sad to be going because I’ve had some fantastic times at Wigan,"

"But that’s the way things happen. I’d just like to thank the fans for all their support down the years. I know it’s been probably as frustrating for them as it has been for me, but they’ve always been good to me.

"The last two years have obviously been hard for me. But I’ve loved it on the whole."

Source: Click Lancashire

Goodbye Chris, a great club servant and we wish you all the best whatever you go on to do.