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Roberto Not a Guarantee Departure

Will he or won't he?
Will he or won't he?

Roberto Martinez's future is mostly speculated in the media about which club he may or may not be taking charge of this summer. Last week Roberto was said to be lined up as the number one choice for the Liverpool job, with him already having gone into talks with the owner of Liverpool.

Dave Whelan this week confirmed that Martinez had been in Miami this week and has talked to his possible new employees. But that Roberto was in no rush to jump at a decision and instead was looking at to returning next week where he would come back to Wigan and talk to Whelan.

That has then lead to Dave Whelan saying that Martinez has a week to decide on his future upon his return next Tuesday from Barbados.

So what is likely to happen? Well at this current moment in time, nothing is going to happen. And nothing is likely to for the possible foreseeable future. That is until at least a week on Tuesday when Roberto will return to Wigan and sit down and talk to Whelan about whether or not go to Liverpool.

That move to Liverpool is looking very possible in the current circumstances. According to the bookies and the Liverpool fans, Martinez is the number one choice and the only man that so far has been approached about taking the job. Whilst the more popular fan choice, Andreas Villas Boas is likely to still be in the running.

For me Martinez should be staying put at the club and looking to build on the back end of a successful end to the season. The players are now finally settled in and we have a good core of players that will stay put and want to if Roberto stays put.

Ideally Whelan putting his foot down and telling Roberto to respect the contract that he is currently under would be what many people would expect. Yet that won't happen Whelan respects Martinez too much. And do do I, if he decides to go, then so be it, and Roberto will leave with my best wishes.