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Get Involved and Have Your Say

Dave Whelan is on the look out for new writers at Pie Eaters Footie.
Dave Whelan is on the look out for new writers at Pie Eaters Footie.

Well my first season (and Pie Eaters Footie's) first season as part of SB Nation has now come to have very enjoyable end. The lads pulled together and we saw the best run of results that we have ever had in the Premier League, and the first time under Martinez that we have won three on the bounce. A brilliant effort and well worth another year in the Premier League.

But now its time for the players to go and get some rest, while the club and the manager start to build for next season. And recruit those missing links in the puzzle to help us perform from the start till the end of the season. And that is what we are doing here now at Pie Eaters Footie.

It maybe the closed part of the season, but we are looking for dedicated Latics fans to join in and get involved in next season here at Pie Eaters Footie. Whether it is as a roaming reporter, or as a regular commenter on the blog. We want you to get involved.

So do you fall under that area? Want to sign up? Well there are easy ways to get involved here. If you are just wanting to comment on posts and get involved in the Wigan Athletic community. Then all you have to do is sign in using your Facebook, Yahoo Open ID account and your away.

Still interested in getting involved even more. Then sign up for an SB Nation account, it allows you not only to access Pie Eaters Footie but all manner of SB Nation blogs, and there are an awful lot of them!

With you SB Nation account you can also access FanPost (which are just normal blog posts) and FanShots (which allow you to post links, photos and videos). You can do all that without having to be a site admin. To access them click on the link below the banner and get posting.

If you are interested in becoming a regular columnist on Pie Eaters Footie. Then you must meet of our strict criteria. Of one being a complete Wigan Athletic nut, and two being able to be gracious in victory.

If you want to know more email me at Don't worry I don't bite!