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Scouting Report: The Freebies

Louis Saha on a free transfer? Could he be one of the five players on their way to Wigan?
Louis Saha on a free transfer? Could he be one of the five players on their way to Wigan?

Much like last season there are a lot of players that are available on a free who would actually improve the team. When you get someone on a free the money you don't use on paying for them you can use that money to increase the bag pack and make club look more attractive.

That is the theory behind the idea. But does it really work? Well for me Wigan could sign all we need this summer on a free transfer and significantly improve the team. We aren't looking for players to just increase the number of players, we want quality who can play and even make the starting line up.

So I am going to look at two options from each of the four positions that we need to sign players in. That is the goalkeeper, a centre back, a central midfielder and an out and out striker.


There are two options that I think Wigan could look at signing in our rear guard position. We need to look for someone who doesn't mind sitting on the bench and playing games when we need him to slot in for when Ali is injured or needs a rest. For me two players are of a good enough quality to come to Wigan.

The first is Tomasz Kuszczak who never really hit it off at United like he was expected to do so. But when he plays, he is always a good keeper, and I don't think he would come to the club with a high wage bill. He would have to play a few games a season so the cup games which are only natural.

The other choice is the record British signing for a goalkeeper. That is the Scottish goalkeeper of Craig Gordon, the players hasn't been without his injuries, but he now is over them and could be a strong second choice. But that is the problem for him, he would only be second choice. Craig left Sunderland because he couldn't get first team football and I don't think we would appeal to him unless he would play, and I don't think he would straight away.

Central Defender

There is only one real defender that could sign for Latics. There is of course Carlos Cuellar who is a top rate defender and could easily slot in along in our back three. But the chances that the player is unlikely to go anywhere else rather than Sunderland, the chance to link up with his former boss must be rather appealing to the players.

The other choice is the New Zealand defender Ryan Nelsen. The 33 year old has been released from Tottenham Hotspur and would make a good addition to the defensive options on the team. Even though he may not be able to play regularly, especially when we get to the busy periods. But his experience and talent to intercept and anticipate moves would make him the ideal replacement when Gary Caldwell can't play.

Central Midfielder

In the midfield we are really looking for an all rounder. Someone who can play anywhere within the position and can cause problems when going forward. There are a few players who can play in the midfield on a free. One of which is Nigle Reo-Coker who I have already mentioned as a possible addition to the team. He can play as a holding player or going forward and score goals. His wages wouldn't be very cheap but you do get a good quality player who can play at a high level consistently.

The other midfielder Wigan could go in for is Keith Andrews. The player was linked with the club in January and was said to have already talk to the club about a possible move, before joining up with Roy Hodgson at West Bromwich Albion. Now the player has been released and with Martinez a known admirer of the midfielder. Andrews is a defensive minded player, but when he hits a shot, the do fly into the goal. He would be a cheaper addition than Reo-Coker.


There are a lot of strikers who are available on a free this summer. And we could really go out and sign a new strike force with the players available on frees. There really are three players who I think would come to the club and could quiet easily make a difference.

First choice is a player who we have always come closed to signing and it could be this time that he actually decides to come play for Wigan. That player is Andrew Johnson who has been released from Fulham, he is a player that I have always admired and thought would make a good impact on the squad. He can play in behind and hold the ball up and then get in behind to score the goals.

Secondly there is Ivan Klasnic released from Bolton and he when he plays he more than often scores. Again a player to use pace and precision to get in behind the defenders. A keen precision eye for the opening in goal and the drive to run into the gap and force the issue. His wage demands are likely to be less than Johnson's and could opt to stay close to the area he has settled in.

The final choice is Louis Saha who has been released from Tottenham. Saha may not score many, that is in the past few season, yet playing regularly with the chances that we have created in games, he could get that scoring touch back. You never really lose the ability to score its just the luck and fall of the ball. Saha would like a high wage, but then because he is playing regularly it could be a possible move for him.