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Mike Pollitt The Reigning King

Oh yes Mikey boy (Mike Pollitt) has signed another one year contract, even at the age of 40, the goalkeeper still wants to come out wearing the Latics shirt and fight for his first team place. And good for him, he is a very well respected character in Wigan Athletic football and the club wouldn't be the same if he were to leave.

He is of course our longest ever serving player, and will carry that mantle on for another year having covered every single one of our Premier League season. From our very tentative first steps into unknown waters, to the glory of the League cup final, and the dog fights for survival.

Our keeper quite literally has been there done that, and bought every t shirt, the only thing he hasn't done with the clubs is lift some silverware. Could we be about to embark on that this coming season? We don't know, but to have kept Pollitt is a great sign for the club and means that we don't have to go out and buy a new goalkeeper.

Long live King Polly!