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Martinez a Maybe for Spurs?

Martinez in line for the Tottenham job?
Martinez in line for the Tottenham job?

Well who didn't expect the question to be bounded about once Harry Redknapp said goodbye to Tottenham. Yet again our manger (Roberto Martinez) is the bookies choice to get the job, that is on a par with Everton's David Moyes, who I hope they go for. We have already been through the shaking a moving of the managerial revolving door, and that't twice once with Martinez and then Graeme Jones.

So what is going to happen? Well at the moment in time there has been no official approach by Spurs to sign Roberto, and that comes from both chairman and the man himself. But it is likely only to be a matter of time, as he does tick all the Tottenham boxes; young, new, and vibrant.

Martinez had been appearing on ESPN's coverage for the Euro's and managed to slick his way through the questions giving no hint anyway about what he may or may not be doing. Cartilage Free Capitan have their take on the events.

So would Martinez take the job?

Well personally I think he would and too right. A team in the Europa League, filled with talent and with money to add to that as well. Its hard to say no to, especially as they are a team that is on the up and could be fighting for a top four finish next season.

Its sort of hard to turn down isn't it? And I wouldn't expect him to turn it down. To manage a team who like to play football with players who can play football and he could possibly drive on to a title challenge. It is just a case of whether or not he gets offered the job.