Outsiders View - Fan Shot Version on Roberto Part Deux

I have a feeling this is going to be something I'm going to have to write a lot. Roberto being mentioned to another club. While I'm not a Spurs fan, I have many friends/co-workers who are Spurs fans. And I don't understand that. If you want to be a big club fan, why them? Why not Liverpool? Ah I digress.After the jump, I'll put my spin on Spurs and Roberto again.

Ok, so we spent the good part of two weeks thinking that Roberto was going to Liverpool, and then he didn't. It also looked like he was staying at Wigan, right? Well, then fine, Daniel Levy had to go and fire the next England Manager. Oh and how did that go? Well, Harry is unemployed. Maybe he's just waiting to be on MOTD. But once again I digress.

Do I want to trot out the same words from the last post about Roberto leaving? Probably not, because it's all up, but with the clubs being of the same ilk, I can say this, that Roberto's style of play would be great at another club with great talent and more money. But I said the same thing with Liverpool.

What needs to be done is Roberto needs to come out and say he's a Wiganer for life. That would end all the speculation for at leas this season. I don't blame the media for bantering his name around at all. He's a wonderful talent, and a wonderful person who could be a great manager with lots of money. I just shutter sometimes to think what would he be like at Barca. I don't blame him if he wants to look at Spurs or anyone big, if you want to succeed at life you have to try to improve your station in life. It's just sad that it has to happen each week, or month with Wigan.

That just shows how much he has improved the club.

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