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Moses Saga Rumbles On

Moses Staying Put?
Moses Staying Put?

We have had the battle for our manager, now it looks like we are going to be looked in to a battle for our winger. Although much isn't going to happen for the next 24 hours or so till Moses has talked to the club. Whelan yesterday reiterated that Moses wasn't leaving and that a 'money doubling' contract was on the table for the 21 year-old, seeing him sign for another three years.

The deal is very much a revamp of the one, that talks stalled on as the club looked to fight of relegation. At that time talks were stopped by both player and club to focus on the football. A good idea that may have proved to work in our favour as Moses put in some top draw performances towards the end of the season. Those performances however is what has put the club in this situation now.

Player seems to be unsure about what to do, agent wants player to move to make money, and of course the club wants the player to stay. With me so far?

This is what Dave Whelan has always said about these situations in current football. No matter what happens it will be more or less what the agents wants, not what is best for the player and/or the club. In Victor Moses's case, staying at the club for another season or two, would see him develop the experience to work in the Premier League. And still be a respectably young 23 years of age when he moves on.

Personally I see nothing wrong with that, once past the 100 appearance mark, having found your feet in the Premier League. Then this wouldn't be happening now, Moses would have gone to Chelsea and their offer wouldn't have been as low as £4 million. Which is a bit insulting for a player who has great potential to develop into one of the world's best wingers.

In any case, talks will continue this week between the club and player. In hopes of a new contract. If they can't be reached then the club may have to sell. If not now but in Januray, at a price we feel is right for the player. That for me would be around the £14 million mark, if we would get that is another story.