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What's Going on in Wigan

Big Dave Constantly in the News
Big Dave Constantly in the News

I haven't been writing much up recently, but in all truth there isn't really much to shout about. That is unless you really want me to go in depth about the slagging match that is showing up between Victor Moses's agent and Dave Whelan. It has notched up a gear this weekend with the agent saying the player has to leave the club. But he has been saying that since the day the lad signed for the club. So what's new there?

It will most likely end in heartache for Wigan as we get messed around. The player goes for less than he is worth, he gets a bigger wage bill for less appearances and never shows his true potential. It is sad but true, many players have done it over the years, and many more will had the sums of money in football get ever bigger.

Speaking of money, where is all the cash that Wigan are meant to be splashing. How Ironic is it though, that we moan about football being full of money, but then we moan when our clubs don't spend any of it? The vicious cycle that is developing in football.

But on that note Wigan aren't currently looking to sign any new players. We are going to hold tight according to Whelan today. Roberto Martinez has been out in Ukraine doing TV analysis for a host of providers, and also watching some of the talent on show. It is believed that the majority of the players we are going sign (five is the number we are believed to be looking at) will come from teams having played in the European Championships.

Speaking of the Euros was anyone surprised about England's exit last night? Being English I said from the start it would go to penalties and that we would lose them. But then I bet that is the mentality the players had, and the reason we lost the penalty shoot out.

God look at me going all in depth today (just a shame that Roy Hodgson didn't take Ben Watson, who scored two penalties last season, one being his first kick of the game).

And then leading on from current playing staff Nouah Dicko, is apparently likely to remain in the sunny climate of Blackpool for next season. Callum McManaman is said to be higher in the pecking order than Dicko come next season, and the young Frenchman is wanted to return to the seaside, by tangerine boss Ian Holloway. Good idea for both teams and the player who could defiantly do with the full season.

And talking about players on loan. Marou Bosseli will return to the club this season. I have heard that the player will be part of Martinez's squad this season, as the Argentinian looks to rekindle the form that made him, the clubs most expensive player, and so far one of our biggest flops.

Anything else? No I think that was about it. But if you have anything you want to share, or post on the site please drop me and email at

Here's to hoping I can give you some more and exciting news within the next few hours (that is not however the departure of Victor Moses *crosses fingers, touches wood and does a rain dance*)