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Any Ranger Players an Option?

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Steven Davis of Rangers in action during the Clydesdale Bank Premier League match between Rangers and Hearts at Ibrox Stadium.
Steven Davis of Rangers in action during the Clydesdale Bank Premier League match between Rangers and Hearts at Ibrox Stadium.

If you don't follow Scottish Football, then you may be wondering what I am going on about. Well let me explain. Glasgow Rangers football club, one of the two dominate clubs in Scotland (Celtic being the other team), have gone into administration, and are having to restart in affect. This has meant that the player contracts are null and void unless they agree to a contract move.

With this in mind, many of Rangers first team players could be set to leave the club, with many expected to move south of the boarder. My question is are there any of the Rangers players worth Wigan getting our hands on, they should be on about the same sort of wages, and without having to pay a transfer fee, it could be Dave Whelan's kind of heaven.

So who could we sign if they are to come free. Well currently there have been ten players who have said they will not move to the new club whatever happens. The most notable players could be on some real interest to Wigan, and could add some real quality to our squad.

So far Steven Davis, Allan McGregor, Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Kyle Lafferty, Jamie Ness, Sone Aluko, Rhys McCabe, John Fleck and Juan Manuel Ortiz. That seems like a long list of ten players who play for some Scottish team, but they all could add something different to the Wigan squad.

They are all worth a look at, with McCabe, Ness, Aluko and Fleck all 23 years or younger and could add something to the squad if not now, but defiantly in the future. They all play in the midfield area and if we were to sign any of them, only one would really be needed. John Fleck the youngest seems to have the most experience to push on into the Premier League.

The three Steven's all add some experience and play from front to back. Whittaker playing on the right back position and could add something to any defence playing in any of the three central roles we have. While Davies is a very competent midfielder who can play as a holding or attacking, very much worth the appraoch. The last Steven, of the Naismith variety is a striker who has performed well in Scotland and could adapt well to the English style of play due to his physical abilities.

The other player who Martinez should look at is Kyle Lafferty who for me would be the pick of the bunch. The winger has played in the Championship and was magnificent. He has pace and technical ability on the ball to beat players and whip the ball across the face of the goal.

The player going free from Rangers are worth a look, and you never know they could be signing for us this summer.