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Ticket Sales Are on the Up

Royal Blue, Loyal Latics Fans!
Royal Blue, Loyal Latics Fans!

Any news on making money, or increasing the attendance at the club is good news. The current season ticket sales have vastly exceeded the level that we were at this time last year. So positive, positive, positive! The question is though what kind of people are signing up to the club? Are these new fans, ones that had been to several games and now decided to sign up full time? Or have we got the hangers on from Blackburn and Bolton after they were relegated?

Either of them would be a good sign. Getting new fans is great, more money from ticket sales. Then there is merchandise sales and the day food and drink bought on the days. It all adds up, and then you add the effect of having a more filled stadium. Increased noise levels and the players confidence increases with it.

It is all one big rolling ball. Towards the end of last season we were filling out the DW Stadium, with the noise levels and the atmosphere it helped the lads massively to push for survival. The hope now is that we can start of again in the same manner. With the first game to be Chelsea. Having three full ends of Wigan fans for the start of the season could be the trigger that we need to make a good start to a Premier League season.

Jonathan Jackson was talking about the levels of increase sales to the Wigan Official Site.

"Sales have been very impressive and we are expecting to easily surpass last season's total.

"The incredible end to last season has created a real feel-good factor around the club and with Roberto Martinez now ready to welcome back his players for pre-season training early next month, there is a growing sense of optimism which is being reflected in season ticket sales.

"The anticipation is starting to gather towards the new season and it is really encouraging to see a higher than normal amount of season ticket sales to new supporters, which highlights that our profile as a football club is rising all the time.