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Outsider's View - Roberto Staying. Damnit.

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So there it is, after the trips to the States, Twitter, and all the rumors, Wigan has, well, kept their manager. And the rest of the EPL can say with me, DAMNIT. After the jump I'll go more indepth.

As I have said before on here, and on the radio shows I do in the states (check my writing page which is linked to SB nation) for the show times, and links, that Roberto is one step away from being a great manager in the same conversation as Jose, and Pep. Yeah he doesn't have the cabnet behind him that they do, but when you beat the clubs he did this year with a lot less money than they did, you are awsome.

Ok, so he's at Wigan, and with reports saying that he has money to spend, all I can say is DAMIT. Think of it this way Wigan fans, he's kept you up, made you better and had very little money. Imagine him with money, and his growing stature in the game? God Lord he might be the Spanish Fergie. He's young enough, (not 40 yet). to do it. Keep in mind Fergie got his first job at 32 in Scotland. Both also played in Scotland. Of course Fergie played for that awful no good, very bad club Rangers, or Liquidation FC, and Roberto was at Motherwall.

I'm not saying that Roberto is the Spanish Fergie, but it's coming close. If Roberto leads Wigan to a cup, it would be like Fergie leading Aberdeen to a Euro Cup. Small clubs, with little money (well, Scotland always has little money), going for glory with a great manager. What else could be better? Well, Liverpool winning 19, and 20 of their first division titles. But I digress.

Then again, if he had left to Liverpool, I would have penned an article, the same way, because either way, he's the next great one in the game, and the rest of the league is on alert for the next great manager. As much as I would love to say Brendan Rodgers at Liverpool is the next Bill Shankly, I'm going to leave that for the people over at the LFC blog here.

I do think however, down the line, he's gone. Might either be Arsenal or Manchester United if he stays in the UK. Though I'd love him at Celtic if he goes. Not going to happen but, that's what life is like.