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Scouting Report: Who Do We Need?

'Mmmm think I will sign a striker this summer.'
'Mmmm think I will sign a striker this summer.'

The new feature for the summer months, where once or twice a week I will be looking at who we need, and the players we have been linked with in and around the media. So to start off with I am going to take a look at each position in turn and see who we already have and where the short falls are going to be.

The club have already announced the departure of five players, as they will not be renewing their contracts this summer. Which came as no surprise for most of us as we lost Hendry Thomas, Hugo Rodallega, Mohamed Diame, Chris Kirkland and Steve Gohuri (thank god). So what now, do we really need new players?


Interesting position for Wigan. We have the ever dependable Ali Al Habsi as our number one choice, who seems willing to play even with a broken arm, which seems not to be needed (touch wood). The other choices currently consist of a very young and inexperienced Lee Nicholls, who could be about to push into the first team, while an ageing Mike Pollitt is likely to hang around at the club for another season.

Do we need anyone else? Well more experienced back up could be useful, and if we could get someone on a free who has experience and can play when called upon, then we will be sorted. One such player is Craig Gordon, who has been linked with a move to the club.

Central Defenders

After a shaky start our defence grew in strength this year. And you now have to feel confident in what we have at the club. Gary Caldwell, Antolin Alcaraz and Maynor Figueroa have been very strong centre back and I wouldn't want to shift them. For cover you have Emmerson Boyce who could move centrally, and there is also the ever improving Adrian Lopez, while a young Roman Golobart who has had a great year away in Scotland.

Centrally one new addition would be useful, someone in that gap of age and experience similar to Adrian Lopez who we can bring in with potential and the chance to improve.

Wing Back Defenders

Currently we have Jean Beasuejour and Emmerson Boyce occupying the two wide positions. Yet there are plenty of opposition of players who could easily fill the roles in the wide areas. First you have David Jones and Ronnie Stam who have both played in the positions last season, and if we keep them both they will be good backup if not likely to push for a place. While Figeruoa could also fill the left sided gap if needed.

If Ronnie Stam leaves, which many sources are indicating, then a new right sided player would be needed to back up the tiring and ageing Boyce. Who I would rather see play in the centre next season.

Central Midfield

Well I am going to start with the defensive options we have. There is of course the two James who will be here come next season, which I would expect them both to continue their improvement. While we also have Ben Watson who for me had a very good early season, hopefully he won't be on his way out he adds something extra to the team. That is along with David Jones who can also shake it in the centre of the midfield.

Attacking wise we have Shaun Maloney and Jordi Gomez playing as the floater in the middle. In terms of needing anyone else needing to come in. No I don't think so. If we lose both players to injury then someone can fall in to fill the gap whether it be Watson or even Victor Moses.

In the midfield one extra addition would be a good idea, someone on a free just to add some cover.

Attacking Players

I don't really know how to group these players. The four of them can just play anywhere in the forward area. I am talking about Victor Moses, Albert Crusat, Callum McManaman and of Nouah Dicko. All four can play wide or centrally, so it doesn't making it hard for them to be used.

So in terms of needing that player who can play of the man striker. I do think we are okay. Especially when you think we can add the returning Mauro Boselli, who personally I think could surprise a few Wigan fans next season.


We only had three to begin with and now we only have two big lads to lead the line. Franco Di Santo had is best season in front of goal scoring six goals, and it could have been more, but its better than his return last season of one so we will let him off with that.

While our Irish striker of Connor Sammon didn't manage to score this season. You have to ask why? He never played badly just couldn't score and has a striker that is what you needed to do. Can he do it next year? Only time will tell.

So the big man up top is defiantly somewhere we need to bring someone in.


So we do need four players like Roberto has been saying. But I wonder how similar our shopping lists are. Mine reads:

One experienced second choice goalkeeper.

One mid-20's defender with room to improve.

One central midfield utility player.

And finally one striker who can find the back of the net.