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Victor Moses,The Want Away Winger

Moses looking for pastures new?
Moses looking for pastures new?

This story has been floating around for the past few weeks, and now with Martinez having quitened down, and there no obvious links to players coming in. The papers have decided that they would like a rumour involving Wigan to surface, and yet again it is at the cost of our young winger. Which is unfair.

Since is last few performances of the season Moses's name has been mentioned with every single club up and down the country, even newly promoted Southampton were mentioned at one point. It just shows you why any news on Victor is rubbish, there are no concrete news and hasn't been since the two parties said we stopped contract talks.

That is the state that is believed to have remained at between the club and the players agent. The club want the player to stay, and according to Whelan we have offered him a new contract. While the players agent, has said the player wants to move away to a better club. The player himself has said he will stay if nothing big comes in.

And too right. If the likes of Chelsea or Arsenal came knocking for young Victor. I would pat him on the bag and say good luck mate. He deserves the chance at the big stage and should not be going to anyone outside of a top six side at least. But is he ready for the move yet?

In terms of development I would say no. And that is what the clubs point of view is. We want Victor to go on and do great things, we aren't one to hold players back and Victor knows that. If he listens to what Martinez and Whelan have to say then he can't do wrong.

I have said time and time again. This kind of speculation happened around Antonio Valencia. He signed a new two year extension, played out two season and by the third summer could choose between Real Madrid and Manchester United. Now look at the Ecuadorian winger, one of the best in the Premier League, if not the world.

In my eyes another two seasons, and Moses will be ready for the big stage. So please do stay Victor, you know it is the right thing to do.