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Wigan's Revolving Striker Door

Franco to shine again this coming season?
Franco to shine again this coming season?

Over the years, I think many Wigan fans will agree that when it comes to strikers we have always had one who has stuck out from the rest and really been the clubs talisman. I could name a whole string of players from David Lowe to Andy Liddle, from Graeme Jones to Nathan 'The Duke' Ellington. Who all in their own way helped Wigan to strive towards success with large number of goals.

Now I think we can all agree that since joining the Premier League, we have yet to really have that kind of striker who can really hit it off. Sure there have been a few hints now and again, Jason Roberts and Henri Camara in the first season were inspiring to say the least. Not to mention a certain Amir Zaki, who could only then be followed up by Wigan's greatest Premier League striker in Hugo Rodallega.

So what is my point? Well who do we have now that strikes the fear into opposition defences. Are defenders worried about Conor Sammon who has only scored one goal for the club, or are they scared of Mauro Boselli who has spent 18 months of his three year contract away from the club. Not even Franco Di Santo sounds like a threatening striker.

So this summer with the club having lost Hugo Rodallega to which ever team can get him to finally sign on a free transfer (currently between Fulham and Everton), we do look a little weak up front. Between our three strikers thay have scored only ten goals for the club. And that is a shockingly poor amount for three strikers, especially when they have played a total of 90 games for the club. Scoring only one goal for every nine games. Dear me!

So with the facts out there, its obvious that the club need to sign a new striker. Currently that man looks likely to be Victor Anichebe. The player that isn't known for his goal scoring prowess, but for his ability to be able to hold the ball up and be able to link with the players around him, that is what Victor does.

That is one option, the other option seems to be doing the best with what we have got. And Martinez has been talking about that fact to the media. Especially with Boselli returning to the club from his season away, and Di Santo finally settling in.

So at the end of it all. The revolving door of strikers at Wigan Athletic could be about to stop this year. With Roberto Martinez likely to make do with what we have in the striker department this summer.