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Chelsea Still Want Victor

Moses's future is still in the balance
Moses's future is still in the balance

Is this sounding familiar at all yet? Chelsea FC make a bid for our winger and Dave Whelan tells them politely where to put their offer. You would think that the guys at Chelsea would finally get the message, go away or make us a real offer that we can't refuse. The offer we couldn't refuse would be in the region of about £8 million yet Chelsea have so far only bid as high as £5 million. For that sort of money I don't think we would care to even answer.

Yet while all this is going on, there is one young man who's head must be spinning. Currently the 21 year old is training with the Latics in Sweden in preparation for the new season, and you hope that he keeps his head firmly on the ground.

In all fairness to him, when he has spoken to the media he has always maintained he is happy at Wigan, and will continue to play for Latics. But it is Victor's agent who seems to want to do everything. With the big pay cheque of Chelsea looming the agents seems to be thinking less about his players best interests, and more about his retirement fund.

It has happened too much over the years that good young players have moved to early and they completely ruin their careers. I am hoping that Moses see's sense and signs a new contract with the club this summer.