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Finnigan Sacked!

Has Victor Moses Sacked his agent?
Has Victor Moses Sacked his agent?

Now this is only coming from snippets on Wigan forums across the world wide web. But according to them Victor Moses has sacked his agent Tony Finnigan. Now if that is to be believed then you have to ask why? Is it because the player doesn't want to move to Chelsea? Or is it because the player feels his agent wasn't doing enough to get him a move?

Like I say at the moment it is all just rumours but if it is true. Then a large town in the north of the England will sleep very happily tonight, with their star player not likely to move away from their club. It has always been believed that Finnigan was the reason that Moses wanted a move away from the club, and it was his agents input that had stalled talks between the player and Wigan over a new contract.

I so hope this is true. Keep your fingers crossed Wigan fans!