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Ain't Summer Boring

Martinez has been looking at players over in Poland and Ukraine.
Martinez has been looking at players over in Poland and Ukraine.

Have to say I am so glad that the Euros have been going on. I know I haven't mentioned them much on here but there hasn't been a lot to tell, especially with Spain so comfortably winning the final. You have to wonder why anyone else turned up to the tournament. But now with that all over you have to look more at what is going on at home, and at Wigan that has been next to nothing.

That has mostly been down to the gaffer being out in Poland and Ukraine looking at possible new signing, a two weeks holiday on the job. Not bad for some is it? The hope now for Latics fans is that we start to make some moves for some big money moves. Well that is the hope.

Its is this time of season when you start to think. God I wish the season would hurry up, we want the football we need the football. And really the world seems a little less bright during the off season.

In Wigan I could sum up what has been going on in Wigan in two words. Victor Moses. That is the only thing that seems to be catching the headlines at the moment with Wigan. It looks ever likely that the winger will be on his way out, and Dave Whelan has reportedly told the chasing clubs to get the cheque books out for £12 million and the deal is sorted.

So after all the posturing and manoeuvring our star player could be about to leave the club. The chances of it happening increase each and every day that he doesn't sign a new contract, and yet again another player will fall short of their potential. But never fear we can get the next great thing coming though the squad.

The other news that seems to be going on his Wigan looking to sign a new centre back. The idea isn't new, we do need another defender and Martinez will have been looking at signing a new one. One name being linked is Michael Ciani from Bordeaux.

The player is on his way out of the club. But we would need to beat off Celtic and Newcastle United. A tough job to do.