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£10 Million or No Deal

Dave Whelan Sets the Bar for Moses Price
Dave Whelan Sets the Bar for Moses Price

That is it done and dusted. Dave Whelan today has publicly set the story 110% straight on what must happen for Chelsea to get Victor Moses. There have been a few key points from what the Wigan chief said to Sky Sports News, each summing up what Wigan fans already kind of knew.

  • No part exchange- Neither Whelan nor Roberto Martinez are willing to accept anything other than a full blown transfer deal for the Moses. Any rumours of Chelsea offering a player maybe true, however Wigan's willingness to accept them is zero.
  • One lump sum- There will be no hidden costs to a deal, straight forward cash for player deal so that it can be reinvested by Wigan this summer to bring in new players.
  • The deal must be £10 million- we knew this one all a long and Whelan has told Chelsea repeatedly by the sounds of it. Come back with the money or go look somewhere else, one thing our chairman is good for is getting the right price and that kind of money is spot on.

So there you have it Chelsea come and get Moses. But it is with our terms at our price. This 'little club' will not be told what to do.