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A Shorter Outsiders View- Can you guys get in on Clint Dempsey?

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Sorry I've not been writing much this summer on the comings and goings at Wigan, but let's be hones there's not been much, and the Happy Latic has done an amazing job with it. It's just that with the MLS kicking up over here, and Liverpool seemingly in the news all the time for players leaving who shouldn't, I haven't had much time to think about Wigan. Not that you guys aren't always on the edge of my mind. Oh and by the way, no sniffing around on Andy Carroll, unless you want to send us Victor Mosses and 20million.

Yeah I didn't think, and i don't blame you. I kind of like the fact that Wigan has Victor Moses for now. At least you guys don't get linked to players every week who won't come. It's one of the reasons why I like writing on you guys. Over at the Liverpool blogs you'll see that we're being linked with Clint Dempsey every day, and he's wanting to go there every day. It's not like, he's coming, or that Gaston guy is coming, or how about Joe Allen out of Swansea? It's not like there's already not enough players to fit into the club anyway. But I digress.

There's rumors about Wigan, but it's players going out, and you're not being hit over the head by all the media on one player. I know that's part of the problem of being a big club fan, but that's the cross I have to bear. I don't want you guys to feel sorry for me, because as I have said on this blog, on radio, and on my blog, the media needs to get out of the mantra of the status quo and follow the other teams. Roberto plays some good football, and would benefit from getting more exposure.

That's just the hassle of being a fan of the sport, and wanting to see more. Sigh, being an American, and wanting more of the English game. Why wasn't I born in freaking Wigan? WHY?????