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Mauro Boselli, The Missing Piece?

Believing that Boselli can make a difference this season.
Believing that Boselli can make a difference this season.

You are all currently thinking that I have gone mad. How can our £6 million flop of a striker actual be the missing piece in the Wigan squad. Well when you actual sit down and think about how he could work into the new system that Martinez wants to play, you do think, oh yeah it could work. I am going to get at what I am saying in two parts, first of all I am going to look at what happened to Boselli and where it went wrong, and how now with a fresh start he could be a great asset to the club.

To start with the Argentinian striker looked on paper a brilliant buy. He had just missed out on the world cup squad in the summer of 2010 and hadn't stopped scoring for his club (Estudiantes) the following season. And we had apparently beaten the likes of Manchester United and Bayern Munich to the signing (Don't read into that too much).

So he came and Wigan fans expectations were higher than ever. Especilly after an impressive pre-season where he just didn't stop scoring. Yet after 11 games for the club, and a great goal against Swansea, the player would not return to Wigan till this summer.

The reason, he hadn't been given enough time to adapt to the country. Let along start to play football in a much more physically demanding league. We all saw flashes of brilliance from the player, and at times it looked like he could spark into life, one game against Sunderland he did all but score and we felt like we had something. Yet he Martinez let him go on loan instead of letting him bed in with the players more.

A Genoa it looked like he had found a place he could play and play well at. playing seven games and scoring two goals. He looked accomplished and at home, and the Italian club nearly bought him last summer, yet Wigan and Genoa could not agree a fee.

So with that Mauro returned to Argentina for the season, back to his beloved Estudiantes and picked up where he left off scoring eleven goals in 29 appearances for the club. He was looking like he was back to some of his best football.

Now he returns again to Wigan and the fans and the manger want him to prove us all wrong. We believe he can do it, so why shouldn't he. And this is where I come to how he could fit in. Not as the lone striker that he was playing for us last time. But as the man behind the striker in the Victor Moses role.

Yes you lose that pace and threat on the turn. But what you gain is a player who can score with the 18 yard box, and knows those little runs to make and where and when to make them. It sounds so simple and in truth it really could be for Wigan. With Boselli playing up alongside fellow Argentinian Franco Di Santo, it could just all gel together, and Boselli's excile would all be forgotten.

He could be our greatest signing this summer, and we didn't have to pay anything for him. So I am hoping and I hope you are hoping, that Marou Boselli is ready to step up this season and start scoring some goals in Wigan blue and white.