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Historical Wigan - We've got history

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So I was thinking the other day, that Wigan does have some history, and if you are going to be a fan of a club, you need to know the past. Yes, I'm not a Wigan Supporter, but more of an observer. The rest of the statement still stands, and I do want to get people to know who and what the players who were at the club before. After the jump the first.

He played at Liverpool's Center of Excellence and the Merseyside boys team, but came into football in another club, Wigan. That's right England International Leighton Baines of Everton was a Wigan player. He was with Wigan fro 2002-2007 before transferring to that bad Liverpool club, Everton. Yeah i know, i'm editorializing here, but I'm a Liverpool fan, and I can look down on them.

He got to start in one of Wigan's most famous games, the 2006 League Cup Final against Manchester United, to which Wigan lost. And that's a shame, the big clubs need to start sharing the cups with the smaller clubs. Kind of what like happened in the 80's with Luton, Wimbledon, etc.

Of course as we know now, Leighton is at Everton, and could seal a move to a big club. But his time at Wigan should be remembered. Had it not been for being brought into the EPL by Wigan, he'd be down in the lower leagues waiting to be scooped up, probably by some club like Wigan or Aston Villa.