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Gunners Join Charge for Victor

Martinez optimistic about Moses's Future
Martinez optimistic about Moses's Future

Yes yet another team linked with our winger, he is starting to get around a bit isn't he? But here is the question, which of these lovely clubs (Liverpool, QPR, Chelsea and Arsenal) could our winger be signing for? If Wigan have it their way, it will be for the highest bidder (an offer over £10 million should do it), which currently hasn't happened.

Reports now suggest that QPR are set to jump the gun and beat everyone to Moses by getting in early with the upped offer of about £9 million. This was before they signed Ji Sung Park form Manchester United, so any deal I would imagine is unlikely to happen. As for Arsenal news out of the gunners, is that they will mount an offer due to Theo Wallcott not wanting to sign a new contract. So that really is just paper talk.

Currently none seems to know exactly who is likely to make the first move. Martinez seems confident that the player will remain with the club after the great end to last season. Speaking to Wigan Evening Post Martinez said:

"We're not going to be drawn into the media speculation," he told the Wigan Evening Post.

"All I will say is that Victor had a tremendous season last year - particularly after Christmas - and he is still only 21.

"I'm really looking forward to Victor having a very good break and coming back refreshed and ready to go.

"His experience with Nigeria will bring him on even more, and will hopefully take him on to a different level next season.

"As I always say, the speculation is only a good thing - because when you perform well you are going to getattraction from elsewhere."

Source:Sky Sports News