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Injury Report: James McArthur

Doubts over McArthur's fitness
Doubts over McArthur's fitness

The man that was at the helm of our resurgence last season, looks like he could miss the start of this season. The midfielder who was inspirational in the second half of the season, was one of the key players that saw us win seven of our last nine games. It was James McArthurs performances that pushed Mohamed Diame out of the team, and out of the club.

And who could blame Martinez for the choice. The young Scotsman has not stopped impressing and his partnership with James McCarthy in the middle of the park has been nothing short of sublime. The problem now is, who will partner McCarthy if McArthur doesn't return?

McArthur has a prolonged back problem and Martinez told the offical site, that progress was slow but good, and he would not feature in the Celta Vigo game come Sunday. Is that bad or good news? Resting him for start of the season, or could he be out for the opening clash.

If McArthur is out, you have to wonder who will drop into the midfield. Do you go with David Jones? Strong reliable and can pick a pass as well as anybody. Or will the young Frazer Fyvie get the chance to shine in his first competitive match for Wigan?

There are a lot of options, but who do you think would be best?