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The Victor Moses Round Up

Moses Move in Limbo?
Moses Move in Limbo?

Over night it looked, and it did look very much like, Victor Moses was set to sign for Chelsea in the coming hours. The belief across the internet was that Chelsea and Wigan had agreed a £9 million fee for the player and the player was on his way to London to have a medical and talk over his new contract.

I had to say that when I saw that come up on my browser I thought, 'That's it Victor has gone'. Yet no 'reliable' source has come forward and stuck their neck out about Moses departure. When I say sources it looks like the Daily Mail (I know) was the start of the rumour.

Yet it seemed to gather pace with many other sources joining in. And many Chelsea fan-sites seemed to be jumping in on the bandwagon. Yet still no official confirmation.

Yet as I was about to write about said topic, and say it will likely go through on Monday as Chelsea are playing in the community shield (as I speak). And how the loan signing (or reported loan signing) of Ryo Miyaichi would and has opened the door for Moses to leave.

Yet the new twist being reported is that Moses agent has said a deal has not been agreed. And the other interesting thing, is that Moses appears to have sacked his agent. The reported comment has come from a Neil Fewings, not Tony Finnigan who was known to be Moses agent.

There were rumors about earlier in the summer that Moses had sacked his agent. Having done some digging into Neil Fewings, it appears that he is one for making transfer happens. He was the man who sorted out the Jordan Henderson and Darren Bent moves away from Sunderland last summer.

At the moment everything seems to be going on behind close doors, hopefully more can be leaked as and when it happens.