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Young Gunner Signs

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Miyaichi Martinez's third summer signing
Miyaichi Martinez's third summer signing

Well the deal for this young man was let out the bag, when fan favorite Ali Al Habsi tweeted about the impending deal for Ryo Miyaichi. And like many expected, the deal has been confirmed today with the young winger joining the side on loan, from Arsenal, till the end of the season. And he looks to be a great addition after a strong second half for the season for Ryo as he tried to help Bolton survive last season.

Many pundits are tipping him to become a great player and to be the next big thing to come out of Asia. Martinez has seen something he likes, and Wenger seems to like the set up Wigan have for blooding young players. And that appears to be the key in this deal, that the player gets time on the pitch, and he will fill a hole in the team to cover Moses when he can't play. Or even if he leaves.

That is one point that is currently circulating, that the signing of Miyaich, signals the end of Victor Moses Wigan career, and see him sign for Chelsea. It is just a case of waiting and seeing, but it is a good signing in every way shape and form.