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Season Review: The Key Players

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Ali will be a key player for the forth coming season.
Ali will be a key player for the forth coming season.

This seems a bit early really as a lot could happened between now and the end of the transfer window, and with it likely that Victor Moses will be on his way out. Who else could join? Or even go? None knows but looking who we currently have, there are a few players who are going to be really important over the next ten months. Yet it isn't going to be about having a many key players, it is going to be a large team effort this season to work together.

So who could these key players be? Are we going to look towards though big new summer signings for the shinning lights to really cement how we play. Or is someone else going to step up from the ashes and continue the great work that they did last season.

Personally I have picked four players that I think are the important back bone to the team this forth coming season.

Ali Al Habsi

Are you surprised? Ali has been fantastic for us since he signed and we couldn't ask for any better from our keeper. And he continues to make great saves and is truly a Latic at heart and we all know it, and love it. When he signed on loan many thought it would only to be covering Kirkland in the League and FA cup. None expected him to go on to be one of our best players.

Ali's great reactions, and ability to move about the goal with great speed, means that in many situations when it looks like the ball is going into the goal. Ali can get there. Expect much the same from him this season, and yet more amazing goalkeeping. Along with the iconic knee slide goal celebration.

Gary Caldwell

When we changed the formation and really went for it. The major player to step up was the captain, from having no cover and being exposed due to his lack of speed and ability to recover, Gary went to being the cover and making tackle, after tackle. And then tackling some more.

Caldwell can no longer be mocked for being out of position or not good enough to be the captain, as he showed all of the doubters wrong. Yet again he will need to be the main man and drag the team through the tough times that we are going to have this season. But who would we rather have, is there a greater sight than a mad Scottish defender? I don't think so.

Jean Beausejour

What goal this guy wasn't part of last season, wasn't worth knowing about. When we signed Beausejour many of us thought good signing but can only one man change a teams fortunes. Well Roberto Martinez had hit the nail on the head when he signed the winger for £3.5 million from Birmingham City. Looking back now it looks like a bargain.

In his five months at the club Beausejour would go on to be a fan favorite running up and down the wing like a mad man. One minute back defending, the next beating players to whip in those deadly crosses. Those crosses gave use the ability to get in the box and score goals.

Yet to score, he his still a threat and his crosses will be a major outlet this season, hopefully we can convert even more of his crosses.

Shaun Maloney

The Scottish midfielder was a revolution when he started to play against Norwich. From then on, he was the first name on the team sheet. Giving us that extra man in the hole, to create space and open teams up, and we saw it happen time and time again.

And Maloney even managed to score a few himself. The best one being that wonderful strike against Manchester United, our first ever win of the Red Devils. If Maloney keeps himself fit this season, then he could go onto be one of the starts of the year and really make the diffrence for Latics.

With Moses likely to leave Maloney will have to be our major creative spark going forward in the middle and for once I have complete confidence in the player doing it.