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Some Thoughts on Conor Sammon's Departure

Sammon heads to Derby
Sammon heads to Derby

So it became official today, that Conor Sammon is no longer a Latic. Sad day in some respects, as for me the 6ft 4inchs tall striker hasn't put a foot wrong. He just couldn't manage to find the net. The Irish striker only managed to score one goal in his 18 months at Wigan. A poor return for a striker, but that doesn't tell the whole story for the young man.

What we lose in Sammon is a strong, pacey forward who wasn't afraid to throw his body about up front, and sometimes that is just what you need in games. Yet it never really managed to produce results for Wigan. Last season Sammon played large parts of the season (a run of seven games between November and December), without scoring.

Which in terms of what we needed was poor.

Now to his departure. You can see that he had the makes of a good striker, even at Premier League standard. What Derby have bought is a player, who will I believe, will rock the Championship this season. Its a different kind of game, more focus on a player ability to move about the pitch efficiently and be able to boss people about on the pitch. For me that would be Sammon.

It hasn't been a bad bit of buisness for Wigan either. We signed Sammon from Kilmarnock for a fee of £500,000, reports suggest that the fee Derby County have paid is a little as £1 million to £1.5 million. If that is true, then Sammon's price as multiplied by three having played in the Premier League and scored one goal. It is worth cashing in now.

That was probably made all the more easier by the signing of Arouna Kone who is likely to push Franco Di Santo more for a starting position.

Whatever the reason for Sammon's departure, he will be fondly remember by Wigan fans, for the player that never stopped trying, and that scored a solitary goal, which you have to admit was a brilliant goal. I am referring to the equalizer against West Ham United. That will always be Sammon's Latic moment