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Victor Mose Deal: What does it mean to us?

Victor Moses to Chelsea is all but done
Victor Moses to Chelsea is all but done

Well he has gone, finally it has to be said. If anyone thought it would be worth keeping the 21 year old after he has had his head turn would be stupid, I am sorry to say. We are better of grabbing, what is a ridiculous sum of money for a player who had a mediocre season last year with one year left on his contract. People may disagree with me, but I think Wigan have done really well out of this if we have got the reported £9.5 million.

So with the breaking news summed up (yes I know I am a bit late). But the main thing now for Wigan fans, is to find out what will happen in the short term to replace Moses? Will we go out and buy a new player? Or will someone else step up from the squad to take his place?

Martinez yesterday in his press conference ahead of the Southampton game, said that he would look to sign one more player before the end of the summer. That was likely to replacement for Moses.

However for me, I feel we already have at least four players who could play in the 'second striker role in the 3-4-3 formation. None of them are the same as Victor but all four players could add something to the role.

The four players I have in mind Albert Crusat, Callum McManaman, Ryo Miyaichi and Mauro Boselli. Each of the for-mentioned players as certain skills that would give them an edge in the roll. Both McManaman and Miyaichi are young quick and talented and would replace Moses youthfulness in the role.

While Crusat is quick, intelligent and a technically gifted player. Someone that many fans would love to see more of, who can easily make defenders heads turn. Then there is the returning striker, for me Boselli is not a main striker, he is the Micheal Own to Emile Heskey (or in this case to Franco Di Santo). I would love to see that partnership be used, as I think it could pose a real threat to defence.

Whatever happens, I am sure Martinez is prepared for the new era without Moses.