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SB Nation Power League: Wigan Drop Six Places, as Struggles Climb

Roberto is happy with the Team performances so far.
Roberto is happy with the Team performances so far.

This is the first, in what I hope will become a regular feature. The SB Nation power ranking (or as i like to call it the power league) is how other contributors rate the teams in the Premier League based on results so far and the potential they have over the rest of the season. Of course it isn't an exact since and will change regularly, but isn't that all the fun. It also gives you a chance to see if other fans rate you good or bad on how your team is doing.

So after the jump I am going to show the table I have put together from all the current Premier League data. Teams will be order in terms of their SB Nation ranking, with my rankings and their Premier League places also in the mix. So we can see who the big jumpers and who are the big fallers.

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Ranking Team Average Rating League Positon My Rankings
1 Chelsea 1.33 1 1
2 Manchester City 2.13 5 4
3 Manchester United 2.66 7 5
4 Everton 4.47 3 3
5 Arsenal 6.06 12 12
6 Swansea City 6.27 2 2
7 Newcastle United 8.07 9 7
8 Tottenham Hotspur 8.20 14 15
9 Fulham 9.13 6 6
10 Liverpool 10.07 16 16
11 West Bromwich Albion 10.40 4 10
12 Sunderland 10.60 13 9
13 Stoke City 13.20 11 11
14 Wigan Athletic 13.80 8 8
15 Reading 15.27 15 14
16 West Ham United 16.27 10 13
17 Southampton 17.00 19 19
18 Aston Villa 18.20 20 18
18 Norwich City 18.20 17 17
20 Queens Park Rangers 18.40 18 20

It does make for interesting reading the above table. What it says about me, is that I am probably harsh on big teams and then softy on 'smaller teams'. Yet that could all still to be seen, some teams that I have tipped to do well this season us, Swansea City and Newcastle United. Could go on to have great seasons.

One thing it shows about Wigan though, is that many people are seeing us as mid-tablers at the moment. Not something that we should be to bothered about, but yet I would rather have seen us higher up about tenth, which I believe could be our realistic finishing position this season.

Yet with the likes of Liverpool and Tottenham to really get started this season, it will be a hard to finish inside that top ten. But then that is all the fun of the Premier League, and with two games gone, it is already looking exciting.