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After Thoughts: Southampton and Nottingham Away Days

Al featured in both games this week and was impressive through out
Al featured in both games this week and was impressive through out

I decided before the Southampton game, that I would sum up both it and the Nottingham game together in my after thoughts section. At the time I didn't know how well they would link together, but looking back at the week, the two games couldn't have gone better. I could just say well done to everyone, all 21 players that have played over the two games.

Who said we didn't have strength in depth? The players that have played over the two games have all done well and from the list we are still waiting to see Roman Golobart, Adrain Lopez, Jordan Mustoe, Daniel Redmond and Rob Kiernan. Of course that isn't a lost of great names yet that is a list of talented player who haven't yet made appearances this season.

So while all bar five players, are playing well for the Wigan Athletic first team. But the good news doesn't end there. We have also got three strikers who as well as looking good, are scoring.

I am trying to think of the last time, we had two let alone three strikers on song together. The last two I can remember doing so were Amir Zaki and Emile Heskey (back in 2008). But with three players all competing for arguably two spots in the starting line up, that makes for a good headache for Martinez.

The defence however could be the issue again for Wigan. I am trying to work out whether or not Alcaraz will miss this weekends game after is double booking in the League Cup, because if he does I still don't think that Ivan Ramis is ready to face a physical Stoke team.

Ramis has shown he is a good player. Technically very gifted and quick of the mark to close people down. Yet it is his recovery time that is appalling and his inability to compete with the speed and physical ability in the English game. That is why he is being given the chance to bed in though. Think back to Alcaraz's first season in England, we all wondered what the fuss was about, now look at him one of the squads key players.

Yet if defensively we look fragile that isn't the midfielders fault. The players that have played in the central roles in particular have been exceptional. The two Jame's could have been forgiven for thinking they have the roles wrapped up after their impressive forms last term. Yet David Jones and Ben Watson showed they are both capable of filling the middle of the field, good signs if one of the James is out.

The wing options as well look to be strong even with our small numbers. Ronnie Stamm pretty much picked up where he left off last season in the right wing back position and could push Emmerson Boyce for a starting position and quite right to. Although Boyce will be a hard man to replace. On the left hand side Beausejour started his recovery against Nottingham put still looked off the ball, if anything it was a good exercise and a run out for the winger, however I would imagine Figueroa will play on the left side for the foreseeable future.

So that just leaves two players to talk about. They only got a brief cameo apperance for the last ten minutes of the Nottingham game. Yet the two of them work well together to set up the fourth goal. I am talking about Ryo Miyaichi and Callum McManaman. You can see why Miyaichi is wanted at Arsenal pure pace and creativity and his finger tips, I can't wait to see him in the Premier League in the blue shirt of Wigan.

The man that Ryo set up though. He looks like he can finally step up. Callum has had a long journey with Wigan, and his loan spell last season with Blackpool proved that he had the talent in him. The finish against Nottingham was brilliant and for him to keep his composure even better. I know it wasn't against Premier League opposition, yet for me Callum could pose some questions to Premier League defenses.