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Wigan Athletic Transfer Deadline Day Preview

Do we really miss Victor?
Do we really miss Victor?

Well over the next 48 hours or so, the whole make up of the current Wigan Athletic squad could change. It can be that simple, the people that move in the last two days can make or break transfer deadline days, this year again will be no exception, as teams look to get the best bargains at the lowest prices. Yet for Wigan do we really need anybody? And more importantly will we go for anybody?

Roberto Martinez is a man who likes to buy early if he can help it. Buying late means the player will take longer to bed into the team, and Martinez wants players ready to play as quickly as possible. That is if you got for players who aren't already of Premier League experience.

For me that is what really we are lacking at the moment. Martinez himself will tell you that we have a strong squad and we really do. With more or less 26 first team players plus three out of loan. I can't remember the last time a Wigan side had such numbers, and that comes with quality.

A lot of people are suggesting that Victor Moses will be the man to replace, reusing the £9 million we got paid for him. That is not true though. We already have players who can fit the Victor Moses role. From Arouna Kone who played thair against Southampton to Ryo Myiaichi who had a very impressive ten minutes against Nottingham Forrest. But those two may not even start, as I have already forgtten Albert Crusat and Callum McManaman.

So you see in terms of attacking options we do have a lot. Even our midfield as a lot of players for the three positions that we have. One more player may not be beyond the question, however one player who would have been a good addition has already left his club. Henri Lansbury who could have played the Shaun Maloney role, went to Nottingham Forrest for £1 million on Tuesday. A bargain for a talented midfielder, shame we didn't get in in the act.

The other position for me we need to strength his center back. I still feel we are one experienced defender away from a full set. We either move Emmerson Boyce into the center and look for a young right wing back to compete with Ronnie Stamm. Or we sign a center back.

It will be an interesting couple of days. I wish I could give names of possible targets, yet when it comes down to the last few days of the transfer market you just never know.