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Ivan Ramis: So There is A First Time For Everything

Ivan Ramis (right) Wigan's Second Signing!
Ivan Ramis (right) Wigan's Second Signing!

What a strange feeling it is. Do you know what I mean, when your football team actually manages to fend of competion for your top target, and in the procces sign him, from under the noses of one of your rival teams. Wigan have been on the opposite end of said decsions many times, the likes of Andrew Johnson, were snatched off the club just as they were about to sign.

Yet now is the time that the tables have turned and it isn't the cheque book that is talking. It is our Spanish manager that has managed to talk the teams way into signing Ramis. And it shows that Martinez is starting to make a name for himself and can sway players to join Wigan.

Not only that but winning a signing is always a big boost for a teams morale.

The next question to ask though, is wether or not Ramis has been worth the reported 5 million pounds we have paid for him. If Ivan can rekindle the form that saw him and his Mallorca defence keep ten clean sheets last season, then Wigan are in for a special player. Ramis will add good scope of technical ability to our back three, something we are missing, having very strong defence yet we miss that finese that you do need in modern football.

The hope is that Ivan can give the team that, and add some much needed strength in our back three. I have to say he fills me with more confidence that a Steve Gohuri did. That is one player that I think the club is very happy to see the back of.

So two down and it looks like one more player will be on his way, who that will be? None knows yet, it is a case of waiting and seeing what happens.

But one thing you can watch is the lads on Sunday. Playing Mallorca at the DW Stadium a 4pm kick off. Tickets are on sale till kick-off adults at 10 pounds and children at 5 pounds. So get down there if you can and what the new lads take to the stage.