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Pre-Season Review

Martinez looks to prepare the team for the opening clash against Chelsea.
Martinez looks to prepare the team for the opening clash against Chelsea.

This is the look back at what our pre-season training and friendlies have shown the coaching staff and whether or not we can handle ourselves in the new season. So this is the evaluation of all the clubs efforts and just how good a grade the club is at with only two weeks till the start of the Premier League.

As ever Wigan travelled in Europe on their pre-season tour, this year going through Austria. Getting away as a team allows you to bond as a group, and to relax in what can be an intensive training regime. While it also gives the coaches a chance to experience different playing cultures.

This year, Wigan had a very successful tour in Austria and didn't lose any of the games while they were away. And that is always a good thing. The next big thing though, was did any of the players really impress?

Well one Argentinian player looked to have caught the managers eye, and it wasn't Franco Di Santo. It was however Marou Boselli that got the goal-scoring form which Wigan have needed, scoring three goals for the team, in three diffrent games. Although as it was pointed out to me, the player has done this before, then went on to score one goal for the club.

Other players that seem to have impressed are the young lads. The likes of McManaman and Golobart who enjoyed good loan spells last season. Are now looking to push into the side this season, and it is very likely that they will continue to do so this season. Instead of buying new players Martinez likes to work with what he has, and in the younger lads, he has a good crop of players.

Has was shown by a Wigan XI's 4-1 win over Bury. Callum McManaman the star of the show, but it was a great all round team performance by the younger lads. Who will have hopfully have shown they can hack it at senior level.

One player who has worked hard and impressed Martinez is Scottish youngster Frazer Fyvie. The players mature professionalism appears to be rubbing of on Martinez. Is that a sign that this young lad is a very special talent? Only time will tell.

One telling sign of the clubs levels was the friendly at the DW last weekend. The 2-0 defeat to Mallorca was in all fairness a very harsh one. Wigan were the better side, and dominated large chunks of the game in the midfield, which is a good sign for the season to come. While defensivelywe didn't look weak, Ivan Ramislooked calm and controlled, he could be worth all the hassle.

What let us down, was that scoring bug. We still have yet to really get it right up front. None seems willing to say I am going to go out and score guys. Although we have to really see what happens yet.

The best sign of how well the team is prepared will come when on the 20th August at 2pm. The lads step out onto the pitch and will face the Champions of Europe.

The season is coming, and it will be a good one for Latics.