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Match Preview: Manchester United vs Wigan Athletic

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Robin Van Persie this weeks man to watch.
Robin Van Persie this weeks man to watch.

Been a long time since I sat down and got a blog together. But then I have had a really busy week. Hopefully normal service can be resumed within the next 24 hours as we prepare for the game coming up this weekend against the Red Devils (aka Manchester United). In the past looking at this fixtures, it has been more a case of guessing what the score will be.

Yet that silly man (Roberto Martinez) has changed all that after his team last season managed to get a 1-0 victory against United. The time where Wigan managed to out play, out maneuvered and out played them meaning that a 1-0 score line was flattering to them.

So now the expectations are raised and the Wigan fans are hoping to get some points. The way which Manchester United have been playing could work into our hands, especially if we can play the way we have in the last two games.

Well what are United's weakness? In the past it has always been hard to isolate the area you could target as their weakness. Yet in the past year there have been a few things, or cracks, which I have to say have appeared in the current United side. For one they missed Paul Scholes like mad, none has stepped up to the play making midfielder role.

The one man who could do is Tom Cleverly, who for me is a very underrated player. The young man has energy and bounce to combine with the skill to pass the ball however he chooses. One for the future, or one to step up in the present. In a red shirt that has yet to be seen.

The midfield will be the key battle and the two James for Wigan will have to be on the best of their game to stop the likes of Tom playing. In the past few games we have looked quick and alert in the midfield, as they look to continue the same form last year which beat United, and they could again if the game goes the same way.

Defensively Mr Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic have looked less than convincing, and Southampton showed in the last Premier League game, getting players to match them physically and bully them of the ball, they can't really do much to stop you.

If Franco Di Santo and Arouna Kone continue to play as well as they have done up front together. Then if I was the United back four, then I would be running scared. The two players have looked amazing in the last few games and seem that they have played together for years. I expect more goals from Franco.

The one position though, that United are looking strong, is in the final third. Once the ball gets into those areas, then it is hard to see how they can't score. That is even when you take out the injured Wayne Rooney, you are left with Danny Wellbeck, Javier Hernandez, Nani, Luiz Valencia and then of course Robin Van Persie.

Van Persie is of course this weeks danger man. In his two starts for United, the forward has scored four goals for United. Would you bet against him stopping? If I was you don't! Very few defense could stop the man who seems like he could score with only one leg.

The fact is though, that he can do it from anywhere on the pitch. From long distance, or whether he is being the fox in the box. He can do it all and makes Van Persie one of the world's best strikers. Even if our defense is at its best, it is hard to stop such a good player.

My guess for the game, is that i will be high scoring game, with goals for both sides. Now that I have said that it is likely to be 0-0 and flat.

But then doesn't that make football great, you can never truly predict what is going to happen.