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SB Nation Power League: Big Four Take Top Spots

Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Stoke City at DW Stadium.
Wigan Athletic manager Roberto Martinez looks on during the Barclays Premier League match between Wigan Athletic and Stoke City at DW Stadium.

Its been a good week for Wigan in terms of results. But it has also been the first time this season, that all four of the big power houses in the English game have won. I am talking about Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United and of course Arsenal. I don't think many people include struggling Liverpool as one of the top four sides.

That is one of the many sad things about our game, that some of the clubs who have been the major players in the English game have lost their way; and fallen down the leagues. Many will hope Liverpool don't follow them.

One such team of course returned to the big time this season in Southampton and many felt that they would be one of the teams to watch. They have disappointed. Playing great attacking football and being a real pest to teams, for example both Manchester clubs who had to settle with 3-2 wins over the coastal team.

The only tea to comfortably beat the saints this season has been Wigan, in our 2-0 win at Saint Mary's in the seasons second game of the season. We followed that up with a solid 2-2 draw against Stoke City, which sees us sit 9th in the Premier League table. Yet where does that see us lie in the SB Nation table.

Average Ratings
Ranking Team Last Week This Week League Positon
1 Chelsea 1.33 1.53 1
2 Manchester City 2.13 1.66 4
3 Manchester United 2.66 2.93 5
4 Arsenal 6.06 4.93 8
5 Everton 4.47 5.13 7
6 Swansea City 6.27 6.00 2
7 West Bromwich Albion 10.40 6.40 3
8 Newcastle 8.07 8.53 10
9 Tottenham Hotspur 8.20 8.80 14
10 Sunderland 10.60 9.73 13
11 Fulham 9.13 12.27 11
11 Wigan Athletic 13.80 12.27 9
13 Liverpool 10.07 12.70 18
14 West Ham United 16.27 16.27 6
15 Stoke City 13.20 13.13 12
16 Aston Villa 18.20 16.60 17
17 Reading 15.27 16.87 16
18 Southampton 17.00 17.07 20
19 Norwich 18.20 18.13 15
20 QPR 18.40 19.00 19

Well Chelsea still reign supreme which is any wonder as they maintain their 100% league record, yet a 4-1 defeat at the hands of Athletico Madrid in the European Super Cup may knock some confidence down in London. The current Champions League champions, nearly came undone against a good Reading side. Could anyone else scare them?

One team that none really expected much of was the other proverbial small team, West Bromwich Albion. Not as small as Wigan I will admit, yet they work on very much a similar budget as we do. Many felt that with the departure of Roy Hodgson, West Brom would struggle. Yet now look at them, three games gone and with wins against the whole of Mersyside, who is to say they couldn't make Europe.

Europe though is the focus of the slow starting Tottenham, who will hope they can pick up the pace after the international break. The chances of that are slim, after a summer exodus of some of their most experienced players. Yet with the additions of Clint Dempsy and Moussa Dembele, I wouldn;t expect them to be slow for much longer.