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All I Want for January

The window of buying and selling is upon us. Who you sign now usually depends how the rest of your season will go. Arguably our one signing last season kept us in the Premier League. The signing of Jean Beausejour was a stroke of genius as he started to provide the chances for Wigan to score.

Ben Hoskins

Who will we sign this time round? Well we need quiet a few new players to bulk out our ranks. As we started to lose players to injuries, we started to lose our way and that really has cost us in the first half of our season, more of that to come later with the half term report.

Yet who can change our season? Will it be the young striker we have signed today? Or will it be the new midfielder maestro we are chasing in Roger Espinoza? This are both really good signings and add to the depth of the squad yet are they going to change anything?

For me no. We need a game changer first an for most. A striker, winger or attacking midfielder who can just change the game on the toss of a coin. Who can do moves and think ideas that the opposition hadn't thought of. Last season Victor Moses and Shaun Maloney stood up and did that for us. This time we are going to have to bring some one in.

For me Wilfred Zaha would be the man. Yet with Crystal Palace now financially stable, they can ask for the big money for the player. There are other like him though, Tom Ince or Matt Phillips of Blackpool both have the same sort of style of play and both ready for the step up to the Premier League.

The signings we make this summer are going to have to come from the lower league. January moves are always inflated, so signing the top talent from the Championship or the SPL or from other unknown places is what we must do. Has Martinez not done this before, and I can't see him failing us this time.

Signing an attacking creative player, a left wing-back and another striker must now be the priority to really strengthen the squad ahead of the second half of the season.