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Confirmed Transfer: Mauro Boselli to Palermo

His absents from the squad at the weekend was telling. Rumours had already been around about the strikers future, then following the FA Cup win Martinez confirmed the players as gone to Italy.

Warren Little

During the week, the rumours were circulating that Mauro Boselli would be joining Palermo on loan for the rest of the season. They were strong rumours, and I think we all more or less excepted them to be true. Then Roberto Martinez came out and denied there had been any such approach.

Okay so maybe we were all mistaken then.

Yet come 1:30 pm (GMT). A certain Mr Boselli was not in the Latics squad to face Macclesfield, and truth in the rumours seemed to come back into force. The full details were disclosed after the game by Roberto Martinez. The deal was done in the morning prior to the game, so the striker did not travel as he completed the move.

Good luck to Boselli. His last stint in Italy was very fruitful, maybe this time it can be again, and we can make some money out of him.

The question now is, will Wigan look to sign another striker? With only two to chose from at the moment, we are a bit thin on the ground.